Christmas Quiz for Year Six

Year Six Residential Quiz

You can do this on scrap paper and read the questions – no need for printing. The logo round is a single image which you can copy and put up on smart notebook or powerpoint. I’ve just added a Christmas Round. I’ve spent no time on this so don’t come running to tell me about the undoubted swarms of typos.

  1. Music
  2. Geography
  3. Video Games
  4. Books
  5. TV
  6. History
  7. Logos
  8. BONUS!! Christmas Round



  1. Music – Name the artist who had a hit with these songs.

1) Thriller (Michael Jackson)

2) Bodak Yellow (Cardi B)

3) She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Beatles)

4) Fireworks (Katy Perry)

5) How Long (Charlie Puth)

6) Shout Out to my Ex (Little Mix)

7) Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

8) Crazy in Love (Beyonce)

9) Youngblood (Seven Seconds of Summer)

10) Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)



  1. Geography

1)      Beginning with ‘N’. This African River runs from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the longest river in the world. (Nile)

2) Beginning with ‘A’. These mountains are in France, Austria, Germany and Italy. People go skiing there. (Alps)

3) Beginning with ‘C’. This country in Asia is famous for a wall. It is the biggest country on the planet. (China)

4) This Italian city beginning with P is home to a famous leaning tower. (Pisa)

5) This African country beginning with ‘S’ was home to Nelson Mandela. (South Africa)

6) This flat European country beginning with ‘N’ has borders with Germany and Belgium. It is famous for tulips and bicycles. (Netherlands)

7) This Country in the Americas that begins with ‘M’ has borders with the United States, Guatamala and Belize. (Mexico)

8) Beginning with ‘E’, This city in Britain is the capital of Scotland, it has a famous castle. (Edinburgh)

9) This River in South America, which begins with an ‘A’, runs through an area of rainforest. (Amazon)

10) This very cold continent, beginning with ‘A’ is the largest desert on our planet. (Antarctica)


2)      Games

1) This classic console game features a jumping plumber. (Mario)

2) In this phone game you catapult very cross flying creatures to knock things over. (Angry Birds)

3) This board game features climbing equipment and dangerous legless snakes. (Snakes and Ladders)

4) This pencil and paper game based in a three by three grid features both circles and X’s. (Noughts and Crosses)

5) This playground game participants jump over a turning rope. (Skipping)

6) In this multi platform game one hundred people jump out of a bus and fight until there’s just one left. (Fortnite)

7) This game, often played in pubs, consists of two players taking turns to throw small arrows at a circular target. (Darts)

8) This computer game features a strangely blocky character makes and destroys cubes. (Minecraft)

9) The name of this card matching game is a synonym for a sharp break. (Snap)

10) This board game has two teams of sixteen pieces. Players take turn to move one until the male ruler is taken. (Chess)


3)      Books

1) Four children pass through a wardrobe into a world of perpetual winter where they must defeat an evil queen with the help of a talking Lion. (The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe)

2) A farm boy takes care of a horse amongst the battles of the first world war. (War Horse)

3) A boy wins a Golden Ticket and gets to visit a very special factory. The owner shows him around and disposes of some other, much nastier children. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

4) A boy goes to Wizarding school where he makes new friends and discovers a terrible terrible enemy. (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

5) A pig named Wilbur has his life saved by a spider who can both talk and write. (Charlotte’s Web)

6) Lyra and Will have adventures in a strange alternate Oxford where children are being by abducted by the beautiful but evil Mrs Coulter. (His Dark Materials)

7) A hobbit travels with a wizard and band of dwarves to win treasure back from a dragon. Along the way he meets a strange creature and wins a ring from him. (The Hobbit)

9) A young boy survives the murder of his family and grows up amongst the ghosts in a graveyard under the watchful eye of his vampire godfather. (The Graveyard Book)

10) A viking boy makes friends with a dragon instead of killing it and learns how to domesticate a diverse range of dragon species. (How to Tame Your Dragon)


4)      Sport

1) Which football team plays at White Hart Lane? (Tottenham Hotspur)

2) Which sport is played on a diamond? (Baseball)

3) Which player scored the most goals in the 2018 World Cup? (Harry Kane)

4) What sport is played on ice using sticks and a puck? (Ice Hockey)

5) What year will the next Summer Olympic games take place? (2020)

6) How many players are there on a netball team? (7)

7) To the nearest second – how fast is the current world record for running one hundred metres. (10 seconds – rounded up from 9.58 seconds)

8) Trischa Zorn is the most successful Paralympian ever with 55 medals. What sport did she compete in? It’s one where you can win a lot of medals at a competition… (swimming)

9) How many points does a team get for scoring a try in rugby union? (five)

10) Which game is played in a swimming pool with goals, a floating ball and players of different teams identified by different coloured swimming hats? (Water Polo)

5)      History

1) Who came first? King Henry the Eighth or William the Conqueror? (William obvs)

2) Where did the Viking people come from? (Scandinavia/Sweden/Norway)

3) True or false. In Victorian times poor people ate horse poo. (false)

4) What year did the First World War finish? (1918)

5) Where in the world did the Aztec people live? (Latin America/Mexico)

6) How long ago were the pyramids built in Egypt? (approx. 4000 to 5000 yrs)

7) Who came first? The Ancient Greeks or the Romans? (The Greeks)

8) How long ago did Oxford University start? (approx. 1000 years ago)

9) Which came first – the first aeroplane or the first tank? (aeroplane)

10) What country did Napoleon Bonaparte lead?

6)      Logos – picture round.



8. BONUS!! Christmas Round

1 – Christmas charity single featuring lots of pop and rock stars –  DTKIC (Do They Know it’s Christmas)

2 – Christmas picture book which was made into a film starring Tom Hanks and a train  – TPE (The Polar Express)

3 – Christmas song featuring a shouting man from Birmingham – IWICBCED (I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day)

4 – A Christmas food consisting of tubes of forced meat surrounded by slices of porcine flesh – PIB (Pigs in Blankets)

5 – A Christmas carol featuring the marvellous word ‘welkin’ – DDMOH (Ding Dong Merrily on High)

6 – Supposed dwelling place of a large bearded gentleman who habitually dresses in red and cares for a large number aerialist members of the species Rangifer tarandus – TNP (The North Pole)

7 – Christmas movie about a man who threatens suicide but is persuaded to think again by an angel who shows him what life in his town would be like without him. Probably the best Christmas Movie ever – IAWL (It’s a Wonderful Life)

8 – A sock rammed with fruit, nuts and small gifts – CS (Christmas Stocking)

9 – A novel which has been adapted many times into plays and films – notably by the muppets – ACC (A Christmas Carol)

10 – A song which perpetuates the myth that December in the united kingdom is generally snowy and delightful rather than grizzly and grim. Propaganda for the Christmas Card industry – IBTLALLC (It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas)